bash compare array elements

Otherwise, you get the name itself, not the contents of the variable with that name. You need to use regex's capture groups here to refer to the original [a-z] values. Writing about Bash is challenging because it's remarkably easy for an article to devolve into a manual that focuses on syntax oddities Below mentioned is the list of parameters used for numeric comparisons 1. num1 -eq num2check if 1st number is equal to 2nd number 2. num1 -ge num2checks if 1st number is greater than or equal to 2nd number 3. num1 -gt num2checks if 1st number is greater tha… Newer versions of Bash support one-dimensional arrays. First, you can either use the external command-line tool shuf that comes with the GNU coreutils, or sort -R in older coreutils versions. There is no maximum limit to the size of an array, nor any requirement that member variables be indexed or assigned contiguously. Also, merge the two BONSAI-related calls into one: export BONSAI=/home/me/Utils/bonsai_v3.2 UPDATE: It was actually an attempt to update the environment for some Eclipse-based IDE. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Evaluating variables from a list of names in bash, Shell script to loop over files with same names but different extensions, storing 'du' result in a variable [duplicate], sed regex : remove occurrences of [ and ] from string, AWK write to new column base on if else of other column, AWK|BASH, use double FS and ternary operator, BASH - conditional sum of columns and rows in csv file, Capitalize all files in a directory using Bash, how to spy on linux binaries for testing of shell scripts. If the contents of arraydatafile doesn't contain strictly integers you will receive the errors you are dealing with. the BASH manual page): java -jar script.jar <

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