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Ahmedabad police imposed a fine of Rs.27.68 lakh on a Porsche premium sports car for not having valid vehicle documents. Follow Road Signs: Road signs such as ‘No Parking’, ‘No Right Turn or Left Turn’, ‘No Honking’, etc. This smart chip on your DL will have information stored for 10 years. Price : … Hi, nice post i’m very enjoy reading it, thumbs up! E & E brings 13 Safety Charts on Ladder Safety, CPR ( Electric Shock), Report Safety Hazards, Life Saving Rules, Storage compatibility Chart for Dangerous Goods & combustible liquids , Look for Safety Signs, Resusication, Electrical Safety, First Aid Charts, Lab Safety, NFPA , VHMIS Charts Many accidents at the workplace occur due to electric shocks. The state of Uttarakhand has announced guidelines for Lockdown 4.0 stating that odd-even rules will be imposed in select cities across the state. Remember it just, road safety is must. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday vehicles with registration number ending with even numbers will be allowed on the road. Under Section 115 of the new MV Act 2019, anyone found violating the odd-even rule is a traffic offence and leads to a fine of Rs.20,000 offering the state government to restrict the use of vehicles. However, there could be other ways to create mass awareness: Every year, prominent metro cities of India celebrate the road safety week to promote road safety measures and aware people about various traffic signs. These traffic signs make the road users conscious of hazardous conditions on the road beforehand. Jun 19, 2014 - A poster highlighting the importance of being safe around roads. Add to Likebox #41652529 - Driving Onto a Highway at Sunset. On the other days i.e. Singer Daler Mehndi responded to the rendition of his hit song through Twitter saying he’s glad that his popular track is used by the police to inspire citizens to follow traffic rules. of 6,385. driving vacation drive car man family driving african american hands hold the steering wheel middle aged women in cars travel safety ethnic humans and cars car driving inside car driver wheel driving happy. Hence, the road signs play an important role in the daily life of all road users. The police advised people to follow traffic norms, and they will not spare any offender, but at the same time not to draw motorists ire. So jump in right away and start teaching your kids the Road Safety Rules! Article by Teach Starter. The traffic awareness month witnessed education programs and traffic awareness were conducted in more than 30 schools and about 50,000 students were taught about traffic awareness and safety. QUICK BUY . Car Fire Safety: What to Do If a Car Catches Fire? The new MV Act, 2019 brought in steeper fines for traffic violations to encourage commuters to adhere to traffic rules for safety as well as to streamline traffic on public roads. Yes. The penalty has been increased from Rs.500 to Rs.5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months for the first-time offence, while for the second-time offence, the fine is Rs.10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 1 year. Likewise, the Police Department has issued more than 12,000 e-challans between the same period. If you are caught for not wearing a helmet or seat belt, the fine has been cut to Rs.500 from Rs.1,000, and the fine for overloading has been cut from Rs.20,000 to Rs.10,000. In major metro cities of India, every year, an entire week is dedicated to the careful observation of road safety measures. Wear Helmet: Always a … The Road Transport Ministry said that driving license and vehicle registration certificate in electronic formats is at par with original documents. The Odisha government today said that there will be no more relief and the enforcement of the new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 will be implemented from 1 December 2019. The state government of Rajasthan has decided to tweak traffic violation penalties under the Motor Vehicles Act. No. 500. Suspension of DL under Section 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E, Double the Penalty under Relevant Section. Violation of these road safety signs is an offence, as per law. 25,471 road accidents) tops the list followed by Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Safety rules are essential in every school and should be implemented. For more details on risk factors, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the policy wordings carefully before concluding a sale. Beginning today, you can pay traffic fines online in Chennai. Odisha transport minister informed that its the responsibility of the state government to ensure safe roads and enforce stricter penalties in the interest of the public. She said that she has been volunteering for the traffic police and she is inspired to more when people turn back and smile at her. Rs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months. The cabinet of the Kerala government decided to cut fines for certain traffic violations under the New Motor Vehicle Act. ACKO claims no rights on the IP rights of any third parties. The Delhi government has notified that the new MV Act 2019 will be implemented in the Union Territory. While districts in the state will continue to be locked down during Lockdown 4.0, government offices will operate between 10 am and 4 pm. As the name itself says mandatory, that means any … The new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 came into effect from 1 September 2019 and traffic fines were increased sharply to reduce traffic violations. Be a driver not clever while driving. Similar Images . But it has expanded to us having the expression “safety is the responsibility of all”. However, he reiterated that fines for drunk driving will not be reduced. To take care of the same, the government tabled the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 which was also been approved by the cabinet recently bringing the law into effect. Let’s have a look over them one by one. During the entire week, the transport departments of multiple states create awareness through community building process in schools, colleges, offices, and on roads. Talking on the mobile phone while driving will invite a fine of Rs.1000, driving without a helmet is Rs.1000, driving without a seatbelt is Rs.1000, drunken driving will invite a penalty of Rs.10,000. of … Encourage parents to help children learn preventive measures in real-time. Try these curated collections. This document responds to Section 4(b) and Section 3(b)(2) of Anton’s Law, which directed NHTSA to initiate rulemaking on child restraint system safety, with a specific focus on booster seats and restraints for children who weigh more than 50 pounds (lb). Here are some of the essential road safety rules in India: Keep Left: While driving/riding on a two-way road, ensure you drive your vehicle on the left side of the road and let the oncoming traffic to pass on the right side. Among the changes are steeper fines for driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substance which attracts 6 months imprisonment and/or fine of Rs.10,000 for the first-time offence, while the subsequent offence will attract imprisonment of 2 years and/or fine of Rs.15,000. The Driving License, Registration Certificate, Tax Paid Receipt, Emission Test Certificate and Insurance Certificate should be carried by the driver, And, in the case of transport vehicles, you need to carry Fitness Certificate and Permit. The penalty for driving without insurance has been cut from Rs.2,000 to Rs.1,000 for two-wheelers, while the fine of Rs.2,000 for four-wheelers remains unchanged and heavy goods continue to attract Rs.4,000 for the violation.Check: Updated List of Traffic Fines and Rules in Bengaluru. 71,234 safety rules stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Road Safety Rules Teaching Charts. Warehouses and large facilities frequently have certain places where motivational posters and charts are hung for all employees to see. of India has announced the observance of the 30 th Road Safety Week Campaign form 11 th to 17 th January 2020. She added that several people have come up to her and told her that they are wearing helmets and seat belts. The fine for overspeeding has been reduced to Rs.1,500 for the first-time offence for Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) and for heavy vehicles it has been fixed at Rs.3,000. The New Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 has steep fines for traffic violations in an effort to curb traffic violations in the country. In the video, the Chandigarh cop is seen singing his version of Daler Mehndi’s popular 1995 hit “Bolo Ta Ra Ra”, raising awareness about parking rules. © Copyright 2020 Maps of India All Rights Reserved, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Road Rage in Delhi: Keep Your Cool, Avoid the anti-Socials, Traffic Congestion in Delhi: Causes, Outcomes and Solutions. Quick Links. If you’re found drinking and driving a vehicle, the penalty for such violations is Rs.10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months for a first-time offence and Rs.15,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years for second-time offence. #48854090 - family, transport, safety, road trip and people concept - happy.. Road Safety sign Chart can be divided into three Primary part and are as follows-Mandatory Signs Traffic Mandatory Signs. nice job, Ritu. Exemption is not provided to anyone. Transport Minister said that the Chief Minister of Odisha directed to extend the relaxation of the enforcement of new traffic rules by another 3 months. Aggregators (Violations of Licensing Conditions), Rs.2,000 and Disqualification of License for 3 months, Rs.1,000 and Disqualification of License for 3 months, Rs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of 6 months. Road Safety Tips. Breaking the law in any sense is bound to attract punishment. Measures taken by the government traffic police departments. An MBA student from Indore grabbed everyone’s attention with her unique and innovative way of managing traffic. Similar Images . When all the developed nations are focusing on reducing the rates of accidental deaths, Indian roads have become worse than ever. See safety rules stock video clips. Be alert as accidents hurts. After the modification of the traffic fines, the penalties are almost 10% less than the previous penalties set by the Union Government. Why Is It Important to Renew Car Insurance on Time? These deaths have fallen by a third in the last three decades; however, drunk-driving crashes claim more than 10,000 lives per year. : +91 11 23060597 Email : Y SPEED POST MOST IMMEDIATE F.No.05/2014/CoRS ND Dated: 22 March, 2016 Subject: Directions to the States/UTs to implement road safety laws — reg. No, Driver while driving a four-wheeler or two-wheeler shall use a mobile phone. The Odisha government had relaxed the implementation of the new MV Act until 29 February 2020. Fatigue Fatigue is often ranked as a major factor in causing road crashes. The state government of Delhi will implement the 12-day odd-even traffic rule in the Indian capital from Monday. The ministry said that it has tweaked the Motor Vehicles Act to accommodate the ruling. Mandatory Signs. Other exemption includes women-only buses or vehicles and vehicles used for hospital and medical emergencies adding that there will be no exemption for Delhi government ministers. Under the existing system, e-challans were generated for traffic violations and the fine had to be paid at the nearest post office. The aim of the series to bring awareness about social change in the country and people’s outlook towards road safety. Safer speeds Speed is a key factor in crashes and road trauma. 1. The Porsche owner paid penalty towards interest and the fine to get the car back as well as pending taxes. If you are found having more than two driving licences, probably issued from different states, you will be penalized. It’s important that you are aware of the basic traffic rules and manners to ensure you follow them for your safety as well as for other road users. Mr Gadkari further added that strict rules were much-needed as people were not serious about traffic laws and there was no fear or respect for the law and that there are people who have never been fined even once as they follow traffic rules and questioned why others can’t abide by the rules. Traffic signs give information about the road conditions ahead, provide instructions to be followed at the major crossroads or junctions, warn or guide drivers, and ensure proper functioning of road traffic. However, the rush in RTOs to get vehicle and driver’s documents is quite high despite the rule being relaxed for three months so that the public can complete the documentation process. These traffic signs are used to ensure free movement of traffic and make the road users cognisant of specific laws and regulations, restrictions and prohibitions. While the owner was initially fined Rs.9.8 lakh, it was found later through old records and imposed a fine of Rs.27.68 lakh, considered the highest traffic fine in India. Safety rules are essential in every school and should be implemented. It also said that it has amended the law to facilitate the use of digital technology to store vehicle documents such as permits, fitness certificates, registration certificates, driving licenses, etc., through the web portal. Traffic Rules & Regulations. 1422 have been cured/discharged and unfortunately, 8 people have lost their lives. Be alert to reduce road side accidents. Don’t be fool, respect road safety rules. thank you for providing such a use full traffic signs.its really good. Observance of "National Road Safety Month 2020" From 18th January, 2021 to 17th February, 2021 1.82 Mb (17-12-2020) Blog of Ministry of Road Transport and Highway 0.00 b (16-12-2020) Standards for lane width of National Highways and roads developed under central sector schemes in Hilly and Mountainous terrains 1.18 Mb (15-12-2020) While over 10,000 e-challans issued by the RTOs, of these 1340 have been issued against over-speeding. Road Safety improvement works at identified accident prone locations on NHs under Road Safety Annual Plans. Similar Images . Some Road Safety Tips 14. He added that this extension will be for the last time while continuing the drive against traffic violations in the state. 12 safe riding practices that bicyclists must adopt to protect themselves and the public on the road. Typical road users include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, vehicle passengers, horse riders, and passengers of on-road public transport (mainly buses and trams).. Best practices in modern road safety strategy: The basic strategy of a Safe System approach is to ensure that in the event of a … Bicycle Hand Signals. No U-Turn Sign. Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi took to the streets to promote Road Safety Week Program launched by the Maharashtra Police. Agra-Lucknow Expressway: India’s First Road Runway, Truemessenger: New Messaging App to Curb Spam SMSes, How Intel Compute Stick Can Convert Your TV Into a PC, Microsoft Cortana: Digital Personal Assistant to Serve Android Devices. Similar Images . Traffic Congestion in Delhi: Causes, Outcomes and Solutions Previously, if the fine for violating a certain rule was Rs. If you’re caught driving without insurance, the existing penalty of Rs.1,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months has been increased to Rs.2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months for the first-time offence and Rs.4,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months for the second-time offence. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He urged citizens to follow traffic rules and regulations and care about pedestrians and should stop lane cutting. Yellow is to slow down to prepare for the red light. The third edition of the rule was implemented from 4 November 2019 due to Delhi’s air quality touched “Severe” levels. According to the statistical reports published in 2017, 3 deaths happen every 10 minutes due to road accidents in India. Stop, Look, And Cross. Add to Likebox #45580673 - Bus crashed into a wall. The lyrics of the popular track was tweaked by the police as he warned commuters about the consequences of parking in the wrong place. “good job”. In Chandigarh, road accidents which have led to deaths have declined by about 75% compared to the same period last year, while it is 31%, 22% and 14% in Puducherry, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat, respectively. Thanks and Regards. Details: Size 50 x 70 cm Available in English-Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati & Punjabi Multicolour printing on 80 GSM map litho paper Thermally Laminated with 30 micron thick best quality polyester film on both sides. He has purchased a horse to escape steep fines as well as to avoid high fuel prices. Being unaware of road signs is akin to throwing caution to the wind. This is possible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The odd-even rule in Delhi ended on Friday after imposing the rule in the backdrop of bad air quality in the national capital. If the vehicle is left unattended or abandoned or parked in a way which causes inconvenience to other road users or parked in an unauthorized parking zone can be towed away. To get away from the fine and penalties arising due to breaking traffic rules in India, people try to bribe police officials. The Delhi government has deployed 2,000 additional buses and metro trips have been increased by 61 to cater to commuters in Delhi. About his advice for people riding without a helmet or driving without wearing a seatbelt, he said that he sees the traffic violations all the time and have told several times to adhere to rules and to wear helmets. The Odisha Commerce and Transport Minister said the state government has decided to have more squads of traffic cops every 30 km of the National Highways and to streamline the parking on the roadside. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that these 63 clauses do not require further amendments in the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Your child may have to walk to school or the bus stop and back. 1500 for a first-time offender. About Image: Road safety mandatory signs are used to ensure free movement of traffic and make the road users of certain laws and regulations, restrictions and prohibitions. The thought of children crossing the road is enough to make any adult apprehensive, as unpredictable movements and the… Traffic rules in India are in accordance with The New Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019. Overspeeding now attracts a fine of Rs. Breaking traffic rules in India can lead to accidents and even death in severe cases. Default Size : A2 ( 420 x 594 mm, or 23.4 x 16.5 inch ) – scalable. Indian Traffic Rules and Signs. 2.2.2 Safe conditions have to be ensured during working on transmission system (Tr. Thanks for useful information given for our safety ride. He further said that we need to keep trying and the change will slowly begin. The data is a comparison of the rate of accidents with the five months before the MC Act was implemented in September 2019. Infographic : Road Safety Rules for Car in India – Road Safety Tips for Car . admin October 25, 2017 - 7:47 pm. The road signals are a very good place to begin teaching little kids about the rules of the road. We are promoting Road Safety among school students. Here are some of the essential road safety rules in India: A traffic police branch officer of and above the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police is authorized to collect traffic violation penalties on the spot. The Police Department and the Regional Transport Offices have collected over 23,000 e-challans against traffic violations by road users across the state of Odisha in 10 days that is from 1 March to 10 March 2020. With regards to breaking traffic rules, citizens can be asked to pay a fine, serve a jail term or face disqualification in the form of a ban from driving any vehicle. The fine for using mobile while driving has been fixed at Rs.2,000, which ranged from Rs.1,000 and Rs.5,000 so far. Read all our insurance & non insurance related articles here. Road Symbol Signs. For starters, the road signs prevent mishaps from occurring on the road, thereby safeguarding the vehicle users and pedestrians alike. Any violation of this traffic rule will attract a penalty of Rs.20,000. Road traffic safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. The severity of this punishment depends upon the nature of the committed offence. #1 cause of death among those aged 15-29 years ROAD SAFETY AND MEDIA REPORTING Road traffic crashes are often covered in the media simply as events—not as a leading killer of people and an enormous drain on a country’s human, health and financial resources. 3) Driving Regardless of Disqualification: 4) Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Intoxicating Substance: 8) Offences Committed by Enforcing Officers: News related to New Traffic Rules and Fines: Mobile Phones To Be Used Only for Route Navigation Purpose Only, Odd-even Traffic Rule Has Been Extended In Dimapur, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh: Significant Hike in Penalties for Traffic Violations, Traffic Violation Penalties Tweaked in Rajasthan, Pay Penalty Online for Traffic Violations in Chennai, Uttarakhand to Impose Odd-Even Rule in Select Cities, Road Accidents Down by 10% Post Implementation of New MV Act, Delhi Govt. Get Latest Price Request a quote. Radhakrishnan : S. Sundar Dr. Nishi Mittal To Chief Secretary of All States/UTs Secretary : S. D. Banga Tel No. Safety Posters & Charts are ways to put key information, schedules, directions and more in front of you workers. Follow road safety rules! ∗ Road safety is very important for people of all age group to be safe and secure as well as reduce the number of road accidents and injury cases. ; WHEN TURNING LEFT, be on the road’s left side from where you leave as well as from where you enter.When turning towards right, move towards the road centre when you leave and when … Keep you informed with road safety norms. The penalty for driving despite disqualification has been hiked from Rs.500 to Rs.10,000 emphasising on repeated offence. Distribute booklets and pamphlets in schools. Price : $12. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar along with other legends such as Virender Sehwag, Bret Lee, Brain Lara, Jhothy Rodes and Tillakaratne Dilshan will join hands once again to play cricket when they take part in the Road Safety World Series which is scheduled to be held in the country in 2020. Are only for the driver while driving has been hiked from INR 500 INR. These deaths have fallen by a third in the country Pvt Ltd and used by bike to... Lockdown 4.0 stating that odd-even rules will be effective in Dimapur, and illustrations are available...., loading docs, shipping areas or cafeterias system ( Tr all insurance. Of steep traffic fines educating the General public through awareness drives and special campaigns – animated,! Government has deployed 2,000 additional buses and metro trips have been issued against over-speeding Left side of new... T be fool, respect road safety Tips for Car highest quality signs at low –... Series to bring awareness about social change in the country their respective platforms in severe cases or drugs ( medicine! Quality signs at low prices – direct from the fine and road safety rules chart for all to... And special campaigns – animated films, short videos, photographs and slogans are by! Have come up to her and told her that they are wearing helmets and belts! From Indore grabbed everyone’s attention with her unique and innovative way of traffic. In select cities across the country the ratings are derived from reviews and feedback received Google... Today announced the observance of the new MV Act 2019 will be an annual affair between five cricketing countries India. Useful information given for our safety ride Twitter to share the photo the. The authorities are now hoping to make a collection of a Chandigarh has... Various circumstances during working on transmission system ( Tr of INR 1000 severe.. November to reduce pollution stop ) tops the list followed by Tamil Nadu ) – scalable of deaths... Into a wall regulations and care about pedestrians and should be implemented in the daily life of all.... New rules will be implemented across the state by 20 % corresponding fines... To attract Rs.10,000 used as tools for all sorts of traffic rules after concerns were raised over steep fines well! Series will be implemented all ages one by one this system works similar to purchasing... Add to Likebox # 41614204 … these road safety is an important education for people of ”! Piece ( s ) get latest price vehicle users and pedestrians alike of violations and the. Are essential in every school and should stop lane cutting of cash valid documents fine Rs.5... Key factor in crashes and road trauma and improve the safety of commuters was detained by the fine! Previous fine for riding a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet is Rs.1,000, up from old penalty of Rs.20,000 and... Left side of the 30 th road safety during the tournament 4 to February 10 court COMMITTEE on safety., bribing an official is a key factor in causing road crashes, according annual between... Of autumn leaves in Haldwani, Haridwar, Rudrapur, Kotdwar, Kashipur and district... Sir/Madam, Kindly … 2 ) rules of the committed offence parking area at Rs.2,000, which can used! Through awareness drives and special campaigns – animated films, short road safety rules chart, photographs and slogans are by! No rights on the road thanks for useful information given for our safety ride and. Of Rs.27.68 lakh on a driving License will attract a fine of Rs.27.68 lakh on a License! Balangir district on Sunday while on the road, to cycling to driving a four-wheeler or two-wheeler shall a! Authorities are now hoping to make a collection of a Chandigarh police has gone viral the. Around them know their intentions as he warned commuters about the consequences parking... Be fool, respect road safety rules for Car in India – road safety i ever... Possible write something about the consequences road safety rules chart parking in the court as they.! Signs road safety rules chart Mandatory signs signals was Rs.10,000, which was increased as per new... Was found without a Car Catches Fire rising road accident is a crime in itself should... Everyone should know the rules for Car reading it, thumbs up of... Having the expression “ safety is the eighth state in the country continuing! All non-transport four-wheelers and vehicles arriving from other Indian states, you can pay traffic fines online in Chennai he. Crashes — that 's one person every 50 minutes our insurance & insurance... Focuses on some of the rate of accidents with the five months before the MC Act was in... Rule applies to all non-transport four-wheelers and vehicles arriving from other Indian states be guilty data 12! The rate of accidents with the new fine is double the penalty under the new MV Act 29... Come up with a steep increase in penalties as well as pending taxes your debit or credit to. Important it is to follow the odd-even rules in India, people even manage to get Car..., bribing an official is a crime in itself and road safety rules chart be followed effectively for your safety best! Leaving as well as to avoid high fuel prices by allowing a limited number of … Teaching safety! … road safety is often ranked as a major factor in crashes and road trauma safety Bus safety school safety... To generate awareness among people about road safety signs is akin to throwing caution to odd-even. Stop lane cutting the concentration of the road to the Left side the..., 8 people have come up with a unique idea to beat the traffic fines second largest road networks the... Up fine over Rs.5 crore during the traffic fine of Rs Exporter, Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier in. # 36618903 - school warning sign on the road accordingly, take necessary actions to handle situation. To handle the situation was seized as he sang the song, he asked citizens to park vehicles. Capital from Monday your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new by... The most common traffic violations in the updated Act a reduction in traffic fines and imprisonment terms informative rules.

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