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It’s important to note that you should never use cleaning products that have abrasives in them. Established in 1996 and made public in 1999, the company is known for its quality and environmental friendliness — it is generally considered the first company to produce composite … by radiowave » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:57 pm, Post The above comments are merely an expression of personal opinion and should not be considered advice in any form—tax, legal, financial or otherwise. TimberTech Composite Decking; AZEK Composite Decking; Fiberon Composite Decking; Comparing these four brands should be a simple exercise until you realize that each offers tiered grades. The sheen is also different between the two -- AZEK has a glossier sheen than Trex’s … In the Trex vs Azek battle of green building materials the clear winner is Trex. Why TimberTech … I'm in the Philly area also. Still looks new through a mild winter (just a few snow/ice events). You can also use a deck cleaner too. Like mentioned earlier, Trex is made of 95% recycled material. Trex vs Timbertech – Material & Capping Comparing the difference between Trex vs Timbertech requires an understanding of how composite decking is made. We had a 2000 product Trex deck for 16 years that didn’t wear that well, but maybe that is the expected life. Azek also expands and contracts more than Trex making it less resistant to temperature changes. Again, rinse your deck off when you’re finished. AZEK will be much lighter in weight and feel slightly different under your feet. Recoloring your deck can be expensive if you hire a professional company to complete the job for you. I don't know if it is the elements. Composite … In comparison, Azek and Trex decks will generally cost less than $10,000 to maintain for that same time period. by Sandi_k » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:00 pm, Post Timbertech is most well known for the way that it seals their … Some kinds of Azek products will actually scratch easier than Trex. Sort of rough texture now. Trex on the other hand simply captures the elegance and the style that’s found in treated wood. Composite Vs. PVC Decking. I used the cortex system to fasten the boards but would probably choose a different fastener if doing it again. Although Azek doesn’t capture the appearance of wood as well as Trex, it does come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs for easy personalization. Both Timbertech and Trex … I use 12 inch joist spacing with Azek which increases the total cost slightly, but it makes for a very stiff surface. I built a big deck out of it 10 years ago and was worth every penny. Azek has a reputation for being more resistant to scratches, dings, and dents. Investing in a quality deck is a wise decision that will help you get the most out of your home. Although this Trex material is more expensive than both the Select and the Enhance products, it’s well worth the money. Here is a video on performing scratch tests for both Azek and Trex. I would stay away from composites like Trex. About 7 years ago we redecked with a vinyl product called “Gorilla Deck” (. Timbertech vs Trex: Which Is the Better Choice? TimberTech vs AZEK: The Leading Manufacturers of Low Maintenance, PVC, and Composite Decking A popular and fast growing trend in the outdoor living world is low maintenance and composite … AZEK Boards are also more expensive than Trex boards–especially in their value-priced offerings. This expanding and contracting overtime can cause cracking and other issues within the boards. Even the patterns that are illustrated on the boards make Trex look like real wood grain. When it comes to maintaining both Azek and Trex decks, the same process is the same. The 2” Trex Transcend boards are comparable with TimberTech AZEK in terms of price, but the rest of the collections are cheaper. by Casper » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:34 pm, Post This Trex material has a higher price tag but is well worth the extra money. Azek, because it is fully PVC, expands and contracts more than Trex, making it more prone to cracking, especially in areas where there is a dramatic swing from cold to extremely hot temperatures. 100 sq. Between Azek and Trex decking, Trex definitely resembles the look of wood much more than Azek. When it comes to fade resistance, Azek wins this competition. We take Azek and Trex decking and put them to the scratch test. In the winter time, it’s perfectly safe to use rock salt or calcium to remove the ice. Press Esc to cancel. Between Azek and Trex decking, Trex definitely resembles the look of wood much more than Azek. MR: Well the Azek should be cooler even to the touch under the same circumstances compared to a composite but absolutely the temperature will dissipate far quicker with a PVC. Timbertech vs trex, which one is better? The price is ultimately determined by the quality of the material. He also enjoys writing construction and home improvement related articles. Trex is the largest manufacturer of composite decking in the U.S. Neither of these brands use any PVC. In some situations, Trex can be more resistant to scratches as well. On the other hand, Azek provides their customers a 30-year limited warranty for staining and fading whereas Trex offers their customers a 25-year warranty for residential homes and a 10-year warranty for commercial companies. These abrasives can dull the appearance of your deck. Now that’s tough. In fact, Azek costs anywhere from $120 to $140 for a 16-foot board. TimberTech is now part of CPG building products which also owns Azek. Now, that’s not to say that Azek doesn’t resemble wood at all, but if you’re really interested in that natural look, then Trex is definitely the way to go. Here, we’ll discuss several factors. Mike Bailey works in the commercial construction industry in Missouri. However, you must use the fan setting at all times, and you should never go over 1,500 psi at 8-10″ above deck surface. by dpm321 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:45 pm, Post This material includes plastic, saw dust, and reclaimed wood. A 25-year fade and stain warranty covers all models of Trex decking. Whether you’re interested in hosting summer barbeques with your friends and family, gazing at the stars on a clear night, or even sunbathing during the day, one thing is for sure. Wood decks require a lot more maintenance, can be damaged and stained much easier, are harder to clean, and typically won’t withstand years of harsh weather conditions. Azek on the other hand is crafted from a really tough, weather resistant cellular PVC material and is engineered to also look like high-quality wood. The cost of Trex is generally in the range of $40 to $70 for each 16 ft board. At least 12 years on our Trex deck under the Northern Arizona sun and snow. You really should change your information in that section because only the old Trex decking boards as outlined above fade. ChoiceDek vs. Trex, UltraDeck vs. Trex, TimberTech vs. Trex, etc. Lastly, Trex Transcend is the most expensive kind of Trex. Most all of the Azek products on the market come with lifetime warranties that cover your basic wear and tear. This hike in price is due mainly to the fact that Azek has a reputation for being a more durable product than Trex. Some of the things you can do to avoid scratching up your deck include making sure the legs on all your outdoor furniture have rubber feet, make sure nobody walks across the deck with sporting cleats, and try to avoid dropping sharp or heavy objects onto the deck. They’re fast and effective. Re: Opinions on Azek vs. composite (Trex/Timbertech)? Trex Enhance features both stain resistant and fade resistant qualities and is also resistant to both mold and mildew to a certain point. In fact, most homeowners will typically spend over $20,000 in a 20-year period maintaining their wood deck. Many of the decks built today are made out of wood. For example, Trex … TimberTech Pro is a composite product while Azek is a PVC product. If you live in geographical regions with hot summers and cold winters, you may want to choose Trex. OP here. Azek is quite a bit more expensive than Trex. Post by LucyB » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:47 pm We had a 2000 product Trex deck for 16 years that didn’t wear that well, but maybe that is the expected life. However, that’s not always the case. The previously manufactured boards such as Trex Origins and Trex Accents (which are no longer manufactured) did fade as you have stated because they did not have this shell. Azek … Birdsmouth Cut: How to Calculate and Cut a Birdsmouth Joint, Can You Paint Over Polyurethane? The only maintenance we do is to power wash the deck and railings each May. But when it came time to choose a contractor, we felt more comfortable with the guy who suggested TT, just based on his portfolio and experience. AZEK is a PVC product and will have a different feel and look to it then Trex, which is a capped composite. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t different kinds of Trex with fade resistant characteristics, but on average, Azek is less likely to fade overtime. BR: It's important to … Made in PA. Understanding the difference between TimberTech vs Trex requires a little background into how composite … As a result, the presence of wood gives Trex a slightly more natural and less “plastic” appearance compared to AZEK … Make the best choice for your home. We're near Philly too and I built a deck using Azek around 10 years ago. Although similar, there are a few differences in these two materials that may be important to you. This transformation is partially due to weathering and will make the Trex look very similar to real treated wood.

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