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Tunde Owolabi is the creative force behind the recently exhibited “Aso Oke – The Woven Beauty,” which was … Cotton and silk strip woven Aso Oke weaving , Yoruba People, Nigeria Mid 20th century Measurements. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF PNEUMATIC MECHANISM FOR PRIMARY MOTIONS OF ‘ASO-OKE’ WEAVING MACHINE PLANTING OF COTTONS: The cotton is used in making the threads used in weaving Aso-Oke and it is mostly planted during the rainy season between the month of June and July. U can call me for more information 08056802659, Supporting Creative African-Owned Businesses Peptides affect the functional activity of tissues in both standard and critical conditions. However the cottons would be ready for harvesting between November and February of the following year. It is said that “the beauty of Aso-Oke comes out more when it is taken as Aso-Ebi (group of people e.g. The pedal when pressed enables the cotton to open and the Reeler put through to one side while the Striker knocks the reel to and fro to another side. The weaver uses the drawer to pull the cloth towards himself and the carrier obeys the force and moves towards him while weaving continues. Hand woven by artisan weavers in Nigeria, the Pink House by Rebecca Cole collection of Aso-Oke borders comprises both vintage and contemporary limited-edition lengths of weaving. Used for special occasions, Aso-Oke garments for men and women are traditionally worn for attending funerals, weddings, and royal ceremonies. The setting is such that … Most of these slaves Patterns and colors used for Aso oke cloth have special meanings. – Akawo (shortwheel) The Òndó people are known for their consistent use of the old aso-òkè types, over the yea. Literally, aso-oke means ‘top cloth’ or ‘high cloth’ or “clothing for prestige’ / ‘prestigious cloth’ (translated to English), and is a ceremonial clothing worn on special occasions during special such as … which perhaps must have influenced the thought in some quarters that the Òndó people have a long history of the narrow strip weaving tradition. Most cases after harvesting the cottons are kept in the bar for spinning. Add to Bag Compare. The aso-oke weavers now source for imported ready-made threads with which to weave their aso-oke, and they are no longer confined to weaving aso-oke cloth with cotton; they now use other types of threads including silk, rayon and shiny metallic lurex (from Japan). The Aro confederacy continued to export slaves Once upon a time in Ilorin, Kwara State, Aso Oke weaving was a booming craft in all households and compounds in the ancient town. Thus, - scholars of … Support our creative African-owned businesses. Aso-Oke is a type of traditional attire that is unique to the Yoruba people in Nigeria. for the Americas. Become a Bellafricana member today The weavings are used for special occasions, including engagements, … Big Congratulations to #bellafricanamember @ologi. coast, which supplied roughly 40 percent of all slaves shipped to the The Saki Blazer is hand-made in Nigeria. The Spindler would be turned, and while it is being turned, it will start rotating thereby thinning the cotton. and other ethnic groups. Aso-oke is a special hand-woven cloth and over centuries has become somewhat of the style marker of the Yoruba tribe. friends, families e.t.c)”, however Bellafricana is prepared to show the beauty of Aso-Oke in interior decorations, fashion, shoes, bags and many more. Cloth weaving (Aso-Oke) started centuries ago amongst the Yoruba's but predominantly … the rising naval power of the Netherlands. The beauty of Aso-Oke comes out more when it is taken as Aso-Ebi (group of people e.g. Aso-Oke is a cloth that is worn on special occasions by the Yoruba’s usually for chieftaincy, festivals, engagement, naming ceremony and other important events. The thread used in weaving aso-oke is made of cottoný. Some Aso oke cloth, called “prestige cloth,” has a lace-like appearance with intricate open patterns. Aso-Oke is the short form of Aso Ilu Oke also known as Aso-Ofi, meaning cloth from the up-country. of Aso-oke to be adapted for casual wear and professional uniforms is a problem that should be addressed by weaving experts because, for quite a long time, the old skills in weaving and designing Aso-oke have remained the same. Weaving of Aso-Ofi, according to oral tradition, is as old as Iseyin, founded about 1732 by one Ebedi, a refugee warrior from Ilesa. Increase credibility & boost sales. And in doing this a bow-like instrument called “Orun” in Yoruba language (Spindler). The yarn used for weaving aso oke is more often than not dyed with indigo13, “the most extensively used non … We believe in empowering, supporting and promoting local talents which contributes to job creations in the Nigerian (African) economy. The fibres used for weaving are either locally sourced or brought from neighboring states (northern parts of the country). Over the period of the whole trade, more than 3.5 million This fibre is woven from traditional materials in Yorubaland, the second largest tribe in Nigeria. Some designs are specifically for women’s garments and some are for men’s. – Omu (extender) this is used in holding the reels been using aso-òkè and have had c ourse to relate or trade with some known aso-òk è weaving centers in Yorubaland. Aso Oke weaving is done using a narrow head loom using cotton, Japanese Lurex and wild silk in weft float and brocade patterns. Portuguese trading stations on the coast that were the source of slaves than from Angola in the eighteenth century, while in the nineteenth While single pieces of ashoke are sometimes worn on a daily basis, complete ashoke outfits are worn during major ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies and important religious festivals. Aso-Oke A177 with Pearls White/Silver. This is very tedious and time consuming. Thus, Aso-Oke strips are usually about 14-15cm inches and are usually stitched 1together to make a dress, and of course, the number of strips needed however depends on … weaving pattern before beginning. Aso Oke Aso Oke, which means “top cloth,” depicts high status among the Yorubas. PATTERNING: The cloth is used to make numerous garment styles, including skirts, shirts, and trousers. Christmas, Wholesales Aso oke, Auto gele, ready to wear gele, African head gear, Autogele, Gele, Fila, Cap, Christmas carol, Christmas gifts Jumylajcouture. Using this medium to remind u of our handiwork Aso Oke for ur engagement, naming, wedding, burial, housewarming, freedom or any kind of occasions, visit Mustapha ALARO weaving konsults-Aso Oke … Increase credibility & boost sales. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF PNEUMATIC MECHANISM FOR PRIMARY MOTIONS OF ‘ASO-OKE’ WEAVING MACHINE ARID ZONE JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT … abdul-wasiu alaka. In this aso oke fabric weaving factory, the blood is the fuel that propels the crocheting that gets the synthetic fibers woven together, to form fascinating patterns of aso oke fabric. The amount of fabric and the patterns used indicate the wealth of the wearer. coast of Nigeria and neighboring parts of the present-day Republic of Aso-Oke is a coined from the expression “Aso Ilu Oke” which means “clothes from up-country”. 101 likes. In celebration of all things Yoruba, this post is a sequel to the previously published article on Traditional marriage attire for yoruba brides. Aso-Oke A178 with Pearls Honey Gold. Chairs made with Aso-oke by Taeillo During her … This is the process of separating the cotton seed from the wool. We believe in empowering, supporting and promoting local talents which contributes to job creations in the Nigerian (African) economy. arid zone journal of engineering, technology and environment. Aso-oke Before colonial contact, weaving flourished in central and northern Yorubaland, especially in Owo, Ede, Ibadan, Ondo, Oyo, Ogbomoso, Ado Ekiti and Iseyin towns. Some men weaving aso-oke By Sikiru Akinola As Nigeria battles youth unemployment, SIKIRU AKINOLA reports that production of special Yoruba traditional fabric known as aso-oke is generating employment opportunities and millions of Naira for youths of Iseyin, an Oyo community. To promote our culture and bring new innovation into Nigerian tradition The Ondo chroniclers: Rev. it was a major player in the WEAVING: Ondo in the History of Aso-Òkè Weaving in Southwestern Nigeria. Appreciate you for having a read and commenting. At Bellafricana our aim is to help you connect with creative, unique & quality Indigenous businesses. of the sixteenth century, when Portugal’s influence was challenged by The reel inside the motor will start giving a peculiar sound. Babasehinde Augustine Ademuleya. Aso Oke cloths from the Yoruba people are used for the most special of occasions like chief ceremonies, weddings and religious holidays.

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